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11 февраля 2020 - Лилия

YouTube ad reduction

Representatives of the company Google announced the finding of a new use of pre-rolls (intro splash screen ads that place at the beginning of video content). This system, called First Watch, is being tested by the YouTube project.

This will work in such a way that the advertiser can buy a pre-roll only for the first download of this video by the user, and it will not apply to subsequent views.

The videos of the First View project will be broadcast to users if they didn’t go to the YouTube homepage, but via the link that they received from friends or by entering a URL on any internal page of the site.

The cant in which the pre-rolls will be placed belong to YouTube partners, and in no case in the videos that were downloaded by ordinary users. This will give certain guarantees to advertisers on the quality of the original video content.

The first tests that were held together with advertisers showed the high efficiency of the presented scheme, and proof of this is the increase to 1% CTR of such advertising. The audience of the “First viewing” amounted to about 15 million users per day.

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New YouTube UI

According to Mashable, YouTube has once again updated its interface. These updates will soon begin to work for users in any country in the world. The video page has been changed in the new interface, the video editor and video manager have also changed.

The general concept of rebranding produced by Google was manifested in the new sleek design of the video page. New channels and new categories of video are also presented to the attention of the user.

With the help of the added button “Play All”, located in each section, it became possible to view any video in this section. After a thorough overhaul, the built-in video editor began to resemble iMovie, a product from Apple.

In the video manager, which was updated just recently, in December last, 2011, a search history is added. Now it is possible to find the statistics of the video you like and dislike, as well as sort the video by popularity.

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